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What are your clients forgetting?

Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve: Without reinforcement, people forget much more than we realize: 

  • 50%
    New information forgotten within an hour
  • 70%
    New information forgotten within 24 hours
  • 90%
    New information forgotten within a week

Reinforcement to fuel results

Just like professional athletes review their game film to improve their skills, your clients can use AI to improve their performance and get real-time, actionable insights from industry leading experts like you

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How does the AI module work?

AI joins Your Calls

The SOAR AI bot will join your clients' calls, transcribing your conversations and providing summaries to all invitees.

See Improvement

The AI we build together will analyze performance and provide actionable feedback to successfully apply your methodology to your clients calls for lasting and impactful change.

Our experienced team of AI prompt engineers will work directly with you to develop custom AI prompts and determine the best use-cases for your new AI product. 

  • Write Custom AI Prompts
  • Test
  • Develop Marketing Launch Plan
  • Use Internally or Sell On Our Marketplace

Fully Customizable

Apply your custom AI module to your calls and meetings for instant performance feedback. 

Like getting one-on-one coaching after every call. 

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  • STEPHEN M R COVEY, NYT Bestselling Author, Trust & Inspire

    I was blown away by [the module] and so excited by it.

    I'm so excited by this because of what it can do to coach people, to to gain self awareness, and to know what to do next. Wonderful!

    Leaders go first. Someone needs to go first. This is a tool. The SOAR AI Trust Inspire Coach, it is a tool that is really about helping us go first. How we're coming across so that we can be our best version of ourselves, a trust inspired leader. We are going first. We are modeling the behavior we would like to see. This is a great tool to help us do precisely that.

  • DAVID KASPERSON, Co-Author, Trust & Inspire

    It's really hard when you get rough feedback. [With AI] you're doing this with a with a tool that's intelligent, that's that's got the ability to look at you and communicate to you, and you don't feel you don't feel like you're under the under the magnifying glass. 

    This [AI] is not a person, but it does give you some tools to then be able to [apply and] go to the person instead of just opening and saying, 'Hey, yell me what I did wrong.' It's, 'Hey, I may have come across this way, and I wasn't intending that. Here's where my style may have gotten in the way of my intent.' 

    That's a strong position to be in from a leadership standpoint. It really influences, people's outcomes and takeaways

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