Use AI to decode & improve workplace communication

Build a better workplace with better communication

  1. Select ML models to reinforce the best methods of communicating 
  2. Connect to your workplace systems and apps to be analyzed 
  3. Unlock AI-enabled feedback to help all employees continuously improve their performance

As Simple As 1-2-3

  • 1
    Connect your apps & data
    Your data is 100% safe from unauthorized access.
  • 2
    Choose your AI/ML model
    Don't see what you need? It's fast and easy to build your own with Soar's AI Builder Toolkit.
  • 3
    Get AI-powered insights
    Instantly get the insight you need to improve at work.

Start your journey to better performance

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  • Step 1: Tell us about yourself

    First, you'll customize your experience by sharing a bit about yourself and your goals. 

  • Step 2: What apps do you use?

    Next, connect the apps you use to communicate and perform your role. 

Step 3: Get performance feedback

Select the ML/AI models you want applied to your data in order to get instant feedback and improve your performance.  


Continuous Improvement with Micro-Training

Unlock access to micro-training, tailored to you, based on how you're actually performing. Ditch those one-size-fits-all courses and only focus on what matters most. 

Personalized micro-training

Why the world's leading experts are launching ML models on Soar

You're the expert in your field of research. You've developed world-class training. But you're not an expert in developing AI/ML. Now you don't have to be. You can partner with Soar to build your model quickly and easily so more people can benefit from persistent application of what you teach.  

  • "With overwhelming demand from customers to help sales professionals APPLY what I teach, I needed a way to fit into the sales communication workflow and provide rapid feedback for large numbers of people at once. With Soar's AI marketplace, I launched the AiJoe ML model and now sales professionals can get crucial feedback when and where they need it most. As an added benefit, people who were never my customers efore have discovered me in the Soar AI marketplace."

    Joe Thomas, Sales Communication Expert

Launch your ML model on the Soar AI Marketplace

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