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Paul Allen, CEO & Founder

Paul Allen was the Founder & CEO of After a successful exit, he went on to start multiple mission-driven high-growth tech companies including and FamilyLink. He then spent 5 years at Gallup as the Global Strengths Evangelist helping millions of people discover their strengths. In all of this, Paul's mission has been to leverage technology to help humans flourish. 

At Soar, Paul has assembled a world-class team of technologists to ensure that humans have a chance to self-determine their relationship with Artificial Intelligence in ways that uplift and empower. 

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Ancestry is the worldwide leader in family history, possessing one of the largest databases of historical records and maintaining a global community of millions of loyal customers. Paul served as Co-Founder and as its first CEO, helping to reach profitability before raising any outside capital. 

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Before social media became what it is, was one of the top 10 visited websites and one of the fastest growing social media sites on the planet. This family-centered photo sharing website was way ahead of its time. 

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FamilyLink built the hyper-viral Facebook App "We're Related" reaching over 120 million Facebook users at its peak. It helped early Facebook users find and link to living relatives around the world in meaningful ways. 

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Gallup is a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Dr. Don Clifton is considered the father of strengths psychology, and the positive psychology assessment he created has helped millions of people identify their potential and work to better self-realization.