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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) seeks to elevate HR. Its 300K+ members represent over 115 million employees worldwide. SHRM chose Soar to power its mixed media library emphasizing video content from past conferences, webcasts and eLearning. This gives SHRM members greater value and streamlined access to content. SHRM benefits from increasing engagement and boosting membership and event participation. 

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  • Powerful Search & Sharing

    SHRM members get an AI video search experience across all media content - including every word spoken in their video collection.

    AI generates clips and highlights that are easily shared, helping to grow SHRM's audience. 

  • Deep Insights

    Robust analytics inform SHRM leaders about member preferences and curiosity. Members get a better personalized experience. 

  • Why SHRM chose Soar?

    SHRM wanted to create even more value with its valuable video archive in order to 1) give members a better experience 2) engage a broader audience, and 3) boost membership and conference attendance

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      Decode & Enhance Content with AI

      By using AI to decode all of its media, SHRM is able to transform webcasts or presentations into bite-sized learning objects that are automatically transcribed, decoded, clipped and tagged for maximum usability. 

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      Deep Search

      SHRM members can search every word spoken across thousands of videos and find exactly what they're looking for. Unlike traditional website search which is limited to titles and descriptions, Soar AI unlocks the deeper intent within every video segment. 

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      Insights in context

      Results are displayed in context, across media formats, enabling viewers to jump right into what they're looking for and quickly gain insights from multiple sources on a common topic. In essence, members get a 360 learning experience on any topic within seconds. 

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      Easy Sharing Boosts Engagement

      Each learning insight is easily shared with anyone across professional and social networks. SHRM members get full access to the entire search experience and full-length video content. Guests can preview highlights or clips that have been shared with them before signing up. 

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      Conversion Path

      Everytime guests view clips or highlights they frictionlessly enter SHRM's conversion path to sign up for the next conference or become a SHRM member. This brings the value of SHRM's AI powered video library back full-circle to drive important business metrics and revenue. 

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    Find out how AI can unlock your content for better results

    If you're looking to enhance viewer experience, increase the value of your content, and drive business outcomes with help from AI, schedule time to learn more. 

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    Hear directly from Nick Schacht

    Chief Global Development Officer, SHRM

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      A.I. to Uplift Humanity Podcast - Featured Guest

      Listen to Nick's perspective in this episode, titled "Biased AI HR? The industry needs to be cautious on coding bias." Available now in Spotify and Apple Podcasts .