Global Peter Drucker Forum video archive available uses deep search

published on 04 April 2022
Video deep search technology powered by
Video deep search technology powered by

The Global Peter Drucker Forum is making great use of our deep search technology to transcribe, index, and make its entire video library fully searchable. For the first time in history, all video resources are now accessible to the community across the globe. Members can discover insights and find answers within the archive with a simple search.

Hosted annually in Vienna, over the last 13 years the forum has accumulated insight from the world’s most eminent management thinkers – Amy Edmondson, Tammy Erickson, Clayton Christensen, Charles Handy, Philip Kotler, Rita McGrath, and C.K. Prahalad, to name a few. Today, members can search the entire archive in seconds. By typing a keyword or phrase, members are presented with an exact timestamp, transcript, and video clip of the exact topic searched. “We have a unique database of video footage,” explained Drucker Forum executive director Richard Straub. “The question is, how do you work with it? How can you really use it? That’s the big challenge.”

By using’s deep search tool, Straub and his team have overcome what was previously a weakness in media like video: the difficulty of searching it. “With this type of search capability, you can actually precisely find what you need, and I think that’s an enormously valuable capability,” said Straub.

More knowledge is being digitally captured than ever before, but access is difficult. Many organizations have captured valuable content in the form of keynotes, webinars, lectures, break-out sessions, panel discussions, podcasts, and Zoom calls, but struggle to make it useful. Harvesting insight from media requires a large team to manually search and extract clips, later transcribing the content. Deep search looks beyond video descriptions and tags, digging deep into the meaning and intent of media. 

Companies often utilize online video platforms or third-party search engines to access their content, with limited success. Deep search allows video and audio content to remain in-house and easily accessible to viewers.  

Drucker Forum’s technology partner,, is building the world’s most advanced ecosystem for human learning and development. Its mission is to elevate everyone through skills reinforcement, recognizing every person’s unique path to skill mastery. The company was founded in 2018 by well-regarded tech entrepreneurs Paul Allen and Clint Carlos. Allen is the founder of Carlos was most recently the founder of AMPT.

“To maximize our time on the earth, we need to understand our identity—who we are, and why we are here,” explained Allen. “'s mission is to unlock the potential of billions of human beings.” Because we recall only a small fraction of what we learn, our true potential is limited. “Much of what we invest in ourselves and our teams is quickly forgotten or never applied,” said Allen. “The Soar AI Platform and Marketplace is changing that.”

Organizations can integrate’s deep search on their own website for free on

The next Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, Austria, on November 17-18, 2022. Leaders and managers are invited to subscribe for access to the full archive at

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