Leading Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors

Some amazing people are backing Soar. Here are just a select few...

  • Graham Weston
    Graham Weston
    Former Chairman, Rackspace Hosting
  • Jacki zehner
    Jacki Zehner
    Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
  • Johnny taylor
    Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
  • Paul morris
    Paul Morris
    Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
  • Monica messer
    Monica Messer
    Co-Founder, DatabaseUSA
  • Nick Greer
    Nick Greer
    CEO/Founder Built Brands | built.com
  • Karen Linder
    Karen Linder
    Executive Chairwoman, Tethon 3D
  • Brian Heywood
    Brian Heywood
    CEO Taiyo Pacific Partners
  • Allison stoloff
    Allison Stoloff
    ex-Facebook, Angel Investor
  • Dave mattson
    Dave Mattson
    CEO, Sandler Training

Here are a few of Soar's institutional investors