How a top training company built an AI subscription

Top sales training company, High Focus, is in such high demand that trainers were overwhelmed and opportunities were missed. What's more, they couldn't possibly be there 24/7 when sales reps need them most to augment their message. 

High Focus decided to build and launch an AI subscription using Soar technology in order to unlock limitless scale and help thousands more sales people succeed.
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AiJoe the AI sales coach

AiJoe was built using Soar AI to decode sales communication and give sales reps instant feedback for improvement. 

  • No Technology Expertise

    Impact Advantage is the worldwide leader in sales communication, but they didn't know how to build and launch an AI subscription. 

  • Soar ML Training

    They hired Soar to train a machine learning model that replicates how expert trainers/facilitators decipher sales communication (emails and zoom calls) to provide feedback and coaching.  

  • Limitless Scale

    Since the AI can replicate the expertise of a seasoned sales coach, at lower cost, thousands more sales reps can get valuable feedback and help in mastering effective sales communication.