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One team, one tech stack, many possibilities 

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AI to help you thrive in all areas of life

  • AI Virtual Meetings
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  • AI Civic Engagement
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  • AI for Founders
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  • AI for Strengthening Faith
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  • AI for Sales
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  • Common Team & Mission

    Soar's core team of AI visionaries lead each portfolio company from concept to early revenue

  • Common Vertical Strategy

    Each Soar AI portfolio company is betting on a single vertical, with a recognized industry leader as channel partner

  • Common Core Technology

    Each Soar AI portfolio company is built on a common core technology stack

  • Check out Soar AI portfolio companies

    You don't have to wait for more than 15 portfolio company launches planned in the coming months. Check out some of the early startups within Soar's portfolio, now. 

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    AI Superpowers for Virtual MeetingsWorkplace Performance

    Soar Scribe gives you superpowers for mastering virtual meetings. Level up your communication with AI feedback and insights

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    Citizen PortalCivic Engagement

    Stand up for transparent and accountable government. Stay informed on everything happening within local, state and federal government. 

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    Founder PortalEntrepreneurship

    Starting a business is hard. Founder portal helps you build, pitch and sell more effectively with helpful feedback and startup recipes powered by AI.

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    Faith PortalFaith Communities

    Take your faith journey to the next level. Learn and apply your faith in more meaningful ways. With help from AI, you can develop the daily habits to grow and live your faith. 


    Sales AIThe High Focus Method

    Sales people that standout know a secret to persuasion. They know it is all about making the buyer the hero of their own story. Now they can get help drafting messages and improving sales calls from AI. 

    What is the AI Studio model? Founder & CEO, Paul Allen, explains the AI Studio model and why this approach makes sense right now.