AI-enhanced Zoom Recordings

Easily transfer your Zoom cloud storage for safe, secure access and experience the magic of AI.

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Ditch exorbitant cloud storage fees

Save up to $496 per month off Zoom cloud storage when you store on Soar. Plus you get access to a magic experience for searching, clipping, sharing and analyzing your calls. 

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Importing your Zoom cloud recordings is a breeze!

Once you sign up, you can connect your Zoom account in seconds, and get all of your Zoom recordings switched over so you can save them forever. 

Never forget anything! You can search for any topic or person from any past meeting and quickly remember what was discussed!

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Create and securely share clips with anyone

Never send a link to a full Zoom recording again. Gone are the days where you had to worry about who else might gain access to your calls if those links and passwords got shared openly.

Now you can just highlight a part of the transcript to create a clip and then securely share it in any way you choose. You're in control, whether you want to share it in a fully secure and private way, or openly on public channels. 

Unlock the power of your Zoom recordings

Save time and money, while getting an AI-enhanced experience for managing Zoom recordings

  • Secure Cloud Storage

    Keep your Zoom recordings safe and securely stored for as long as you need them. Never lose important calls, and stop paying exorbitant cloud storage fees elsewhere. 

  • Full Text Search

    Never forget important ideas or conversations. With full text search, you can quickly find any moment from any call, for as long as you need to remember. 

  • Easily Create Clips

    With just a few clicks you can create clips from any Zoom call. Clips are saved for quick reference and easy sharing any time. 

  • Controlled Access & Sharing

    Never worry about your Zoom recordings being shared without your permission. With controlled access, you're in charge of how and when your recordings can be viewed. 

  • AI Summaries - Coming Soon

    Ever wanted a quick way to see who was on a call, what the key topics are, or what the action items were? You will get all of this and more from the AI enhancements to make your Zoom archive even more powerful. 

  • AI Insights - Coming Soon

    Be your best self, more often. With AI Insights you can level-up your communication by uncovering trends, and getting feedback on ways to communicate more effectively.