Uplift Humanity

Soar's founding team cares about one thing - YOU - and your success. Unlike the trillion-dollar tech companies who use your personal data to manipulate...err market to you...Soar's primary objective is to help you flourish in all aspects of life.

Soar is working to help you discover the world's greatest knowledge and wisdom, and then apply that to all the areas in life where you strive to thrive. 

  • Paul
    Paul Allen
    Founder, CEO

    Paul is the visionary and idea-man behind 7 previous companies, including Ancestry where he served as Co-Founder and the company's first CEO. He's built multiple hypergrowth tech companies with a focus on content, viral engineering and family-centered experiences. 

  • Domenic
    Domenic Merenda
    Chief Product Officer

    Seasoned product and engineering leader with a passion for enabling diverse teams solving big problems. At BeOpen.com (later Python Labs) Domenic was an early and influential member of core Python team, helping to shape the direction of the Python programming language as Vice President of Business Development & Engineering. Three successful exits, two of which came via IPO in 2004 and 2019. Most recently, Domenic has served as an investor and Outcomes Committee participant with Sand Hill Angels, one of the oldest, largest, and most active angel investment groups in the world.

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    Clint Carlos
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Clint leads revenue generating activities for Soar. He previously founded and exited two HR tech companies, and served as trusted advisor to Fortune 500 execs as a workplace & brand strategy consultant at Gallup. His mission is to bring ideas to market for lasting impact to elevate humanity. 

  • Richard
    Richard Stauffer
    Lead Engineer & Architect

    Richard was the first engineer at Ancestry where he single-handedly build 32 applications. His speed and problem-solving are key contributors to Soar where he contributes to rapid prototyping, API development and other key aspects of product innovation. 

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